Traffic Platforms

The more eyes and attention that you can get to your website, or to your affiliate link, the more chances you have of making a sale.  Just like with any retail store, or practically any business, you want more traffic to be exposed to what you are offering.  


You can either pay for advertising, or you can advertise for free.  Both can be just as effective, however, free advertising will require more time on your end.


There are many platforms and services that bring free traffic to your site/offer.  Below are some of the platforms that I utilize to advertise the various online businesses that I operate.

Traffic Exchange Sites

Traffic exchange sites offer you the opportunity to view other's online business opportunity in exchange for them viewing your opportunity.  The way these sites work is as you view a site you accrue points, and the more points you accrue, the more exposure your site can receive.  Here you get the chance to see various online businesses that may peak your interest for you to get involved in.  Although the traffic isn't necessarily targeted for your specific business, traffic exchange sites are populated by people who are looking to make money online.  With traffic exchange sites, you can surf other sites for free to gain points, or you can pay for points.  Traffic exchange sites also give you the opportunity to earn income by utilizing their referral program.


Below are some traffic exchange sites that I utilize.




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Mailers allow you to send out promotions for your online business to hundreds and to even thousands of participants at one time.  This is another effective method to gain more exposure.  Mailer platforms, as with traffic exchange sites, also gives you the opportunity to earn additional income aside from your online business.  They are generally free to utilize as long as you're willing to perform the tasks to accrue points, and they also have paid options to minimize your time in accumulating points.  As a bit of advice, it is better to use an email address that you don't mind receiving 50+ emails sent to it daily with several online business opportunities.  You can earn points by viewing the various opportunities either on the site directly, or from the emails sent out to you. 


Below are some of the mailer platforms that I utilize.