Sales can be one of the highest paying professions, yet it can also be one of the lowest.  The "gift of gab" is a talent not possessed by many, however, with the proper training and the willingness to learn, anyone can yield the same effective results. 


You may not realize it, but everyone does some form of selling in different aspects of their lives.  We don't put much thought into it because it isn't a "job" or something we may get paid for in most cases, but just how you can comfortably convince a friend or family member to try a certain dish, or to watch a TV show, utilizing that same attitude in a professional setting is the same thing.

Brainstorm to Success

Sales is essentially a transfer of emotions, and the secret is turning the "transaction" into a conversational piece.  Over the span of my sales career I've practically came across every possible scenario as it relates to the sales process.  You learn from experience that you will not make every sale, but as long as you stick to your training, and maintain a positive attitude then the odds are most definitely in your favor.  With my training and experience, I guarantee that if you implement the various methods and practices, then you will increase your sales productivity and have a solid foundation if you are new to sales!

Sales Crash Course Video

Grab a pen and pad as I give a FREE crash course into selling!  This is an excellent course designed to give you a great introduction of sales.  Here I break down your sales day into 2 key components that will help you understand how to improve your performance.

Sales Crash Course
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Which side will you fall on?  Will you be sold or will you do the selling?  Although every "no" means next opportunity, don't give up so easily.  In your mind think of the transaction as a friendly decision making competition. 


There is a thin line between being persistent and being pushy.  Always leave the door open for another opportunity.  In the case when their "no" appears to be final, it never hurts to have them explain why their answer was as such.  At least find out if you're sold on their "no".

The sales process is a two-way street.  The best thing you can do is make sure your side runs smooth and orderly.  You can control the flow without dominating the conversation.  Check out my sales training course below as I give you a more in-depth understanding on how you can be successful with the sales process, and much more.

Sales Training Course Video

My sales training course is culmination of proven sales theories, tools, and techniques that I guarantee will assist you with inside and outside sales.  The methods I teach will set you apart from the competition and will give you an advantage within your sales organization.