Referral Programs


Level Rewards has an excellent affiliate program that pays very well when you refer someone to sign up under your link.  Level Rewards is a platform that publishes incentive trial offer and surveys.  As you "level up", you receive more money per referral.  Click here for the FAQ's.


Dosh app is for you to get cash rewards (percentages) back on purchases from places that you already may shop at or dine at.  Plus, when you download the app and link a card to it, it automatically pays you $5.  When you share your link with others, and in turn they download the app and link a card, then you receive a referral bonus.  Dosh often runs promotions where the referral amount can be upwards of $15 per referral.  Usually the referral bonus is $5.  This is a free referral program that you can earn a pretty good amount of extra income as long as people are downloading the app to their smartphone from your personalized link that Dosh gives to you.

From your smartphone, click the button below and get started!


Netspend is a prepaid debit card that doesn't require any credit checks.  It can used towards practically any purchases, receive direct deposits up to 2 days in advance, as well as many other benefits.  Netspend also offers a great refer a friend program.  You can earn an unlimited $20 referral bonus from everyone that signs up for a card and loads $40 onto the card.  Not only will you receive a $20 bonus, the person who loaded their $40 will also get an additional $20.  Use my referral link below and order your card today!