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Yun Lee
May 18, 2021
In Forex and Stocks
Here are the hours of forex from UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) to CST (Central Standard Time) 01:00--5PM CST 02:00--6PM CST 03:00--7PM CST--ASIAN OPEN 04:00--8PM CST 05:00--9PM CST 06:00--10PM CST 07:00--11PM CST 08:00--12AM CST 09:00--1 AM CST--SYDNEY CLOSE 10:00--2AM CST--LONDON OPEN 11:00--3AM CST 12:00--4AM CST--ASIAN CLOSE 13:00--5AM CST 14:00--6AM CST 15:00--7AM CST--NY OPEN 16:00--8AM CST 17:00--9AM CST 18:00--10AM CST--LONDON CLOSE 19:00--11AM CST 20:00--12PM CST 21:00--1PM CST 22:00--2PM CST 23:00--3PM CST 24:00--4PM CST --NY CLOSE--SYDNEY OPEN
Yun Lee
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