Marketing Blitz Campaign

Updated: May 6, 2021

A marketing blitz is a method that a group of people on social media can utilize to bring attention/exposure to a business and/or brand. It is a highly effective strategy that can grow someone's business in a very short amount of time.

With a relatively small group of people, and the power of the internet, you can bring about real traction to anything; including a business.

Posts go viral after reaching a large number of shares, comments, and likes. Although the actual # of likes, comments, and shares are ambiguous in the consideration of what is "viral", for a business to be shared hundreds to thousands of times, it would definitely be in the ranks of a successful and effective post.

I've been involved with many different marketing blitzes, and they all show to be highly effective as long as everyone carries out their tasks and participates. Below is an example of a marketing blitz:

Create a private group chat of 100+ people consisting of business owners and other willing participants. When someone wants to get a "boost" they will make a post or a video, share that link to the group, then will ask for a blitz. This means that everyone in that group will go to the post and comment, like, and share it. This works even better when the comments are exciting tag lines or short testimonials of the product/service offered. Another way of commenting is to tag friends to that post as well. Imagine you post about your business and within an hr or so, you have 100+ shares, likes and comments. Imagine all of the people not involved with the marketing blitz start to tag their friends and share that post to their timeline? This has the ability to give your business exponential growth in a very short amount of time.

The details to a marketing blitz are totally up to the participants involved. Some may want attention brought to their website, some may want attention brought to their social media business page, or they just may want more immediate sales/orders. However the group sees fit, a marketing blitz will serve it's purpose as long as everyone involved does their assigned task.

Usually it is the appearance of a business or product that gives it's legitimacy. We see it all the time in commercials where they use a popular actor or public figure to represent a company. In this sense, it is an intentional group of people working together to give this same effect via social media.

What do you think about a marketing blitz? Leave your comments below!

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