How To Increase Your Sales and Build Your Customer Base Using FB.

Starting an online business can be an daunting task. Aside from the logistical side of things, you also have to successfully advertise and promote. We naturally want to promote to our family and friends because it does seem like the easiest route, however, often times we don't get the support that we intend to receive. Speaking for myself here, but this was one of the largest hurdles I had to overcome. We expect our most support to come from those that we personally know, but I'm here to remind you that it's a big world, and your target audience far surpasses the amount of friends and family that you may have.

So how do you increase sales and build your customer base?

1. Create a private fb group centered around your product/service. Picture this group like a physical store that customers walk in and browse around in. The set up of a store is all geared to persuade you to make a purchase; from the music, the mannequins, the ambiance, colors, specials, etc... Populate your group with meaningful information pertaining to your product/industry. Give helpful information.

Of course, the question now is, "How do I get customers inside of my store/group?"

2. Create a nice fb ad. Your ad must be catchy and informational, but not so informational that it doesn't lead to more questions. You want the people you are targeting to want more. Use a colorful image, or a video with a catchy caption in white space. Remember, people are scrolling their fb timelines and your ad needs to catch their attention and make them stop scrolling.

3. With your ad campaign make sure your audience is targeted based on interests and behaviors centered around your product/service.

4. Have a call to action in your ad post, i.e., "join my group for more info". Use emojis to grab attention.

5. Your group will begin to be populated with those who are interested in what you have to offer; just like a physical store would.

Now it is time to offer great "customer service" and to also keep engagement. Answer questions, ask questions, post daily. This is also known as "nurturing". Encourage your group members to invite people they know into the group who they believe would also be interested in whatever it is that you are offering.

Don't expect people to buy from you immediately, don't be overly salesy, but instead thank them for joining your group. Encourage them to look in your announcement tab, and to look thru your photos. I'd recommend posting 3 times a day in your group; morning, afternoon, and evening. Keep in mind that everyone is not logged in or checking their fb at the same time, so exercise some patience on expecting sales.

If you stay persistent, then you will see an increase in your sales. Dedicate yourself to the work, and the results will naturally follow.

What do you think about this strategy? Leave a comment below!

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