How To Gain More Followers On Instagram

If you are looking to gain more followers on Instagram, then please keep reading as I give a method that will give you organic growth!

Instagram can be a great tool for driving more traffic to your website, product, or service(s). With over 1 billion users, Instagram stands as one of the best social media platforms for a business; as long as you can be effective with it.

Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. Go to the search bar and then go to tags. Find the most popular hashtags associated with your product and industry. Copy those hashtags to a notepad and accumulate it to 30. Right after you make a post, copy and paste your 30 hashtags into the comment section of your post. In the caption of your post, describe your content and utilize emojis. Make sure your page isn’t private. If it is, then you can create a 2nd page just for the products. In your bio is where you want to put your website where you direct people to in your photo captions.

Also, make sure your bio is summarizing what you offer while also utilizing emojis. Make sure it is neat and uniform like:

When you post, try to post 3 things at a time to make your page symmetrical.

Utilize emojis, they are like modern day hieroglyphics. You also want to use action words in your bio and in your photo captions like: ‘click the link in our bio ☝🏿’ or ‘tag a friend’, or ‘double tap ❤️ if you love this post’. Effective marketing is being suggestive to the customer.

Also, when people comment, make sure you reply back to give your post more comments which creates more activity on your posts. Growing your Instagram page organically to thousands will take some time, but you will notice immediate growth daily. Being able to create consistent content may be more challenging, however, you can outsource this if you run out of ideas. With websites like, you can pay people to create content for you for as little $5 in most cases.

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