Global MoneyLine Review

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Here is my full review of Global MoneyLine.

Global MoneyLine is a platform that essentially builds a list of people that you can promote products/services to. Anyone (globally) that signs up for MoneyLine after you sign up gets placed in your "MoneyLine". On average, I've seen 300-350 people sign up on a daily basis, so everyday you have a potential 300+ people that you can promote your business to.

Does this mean that everyone is going to be interested in your business? Absolutely not. The leads are not necessarily targeted so don't expect to make many sales daily strictly from sending your offer to new MoneyLine signups.

As a free member with MoneyLine, you have the ability to send your offer to one person at a time in your MoneyLine. Considering you will have hundreds of new people in your MoneyLine on a daily basis, this could pose as a tedious task, however, it is still free to do so. I wouldn't feel too discouraged about your list not being necessarily targeted for your specific product/service because while everyone is generally looking to promote their business to others, they are still involved with the online business industry. This means that there is a greater chance of people actually seeing what you have to offer with an open mind. It is best to make sure that you create a great "pitch" that will capture the attention of those that you send your offer to.

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