25 Dollar 1Up Review

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

What's the good? What's the bad? What's the ugly?

Let me start off by saying that this opportunity is NOT a scam, but it is not some get rich quick scheme. YOU NEED TO DO THE WORK! I figured I would go ahead and get that out the way first.

So what exactly is 25Dollar1Up?

It is a digital business and marketing platform. When you want to start a business online, you need to have a product(s), and you have to market that product. You can market your own product whether that is some sort of video training you sell, an app, an e-book, etc..., or you can market a product that someone else has created. In the case of 25Dollar1Up, you are marketing the product itself + additional benefits. The additional benefits is that the product itself serves as a platform that teaches you how to not only market and promote 25Dollar1Up, but practically any other digital business you may operate.

Once you purchase the product, you will be given 100 pre-written ads to choose from to promote 25Dollar1Up, and within those there are ads that can be used towards any other digital business.

You also will receive capture pages that not only collect emails for the system to automatically follow up with interested parties, but the capture pages gives video presentations explaining in-depth how the actual system works and how you get paid. The videos are very professional, and the capture pages are of very high quality.

25Dollar1Up also offers you: 50 ways or ideas to promote any business, business mindset training, how to promote in facebook groups, and email marketing ads.

What are the cons?

I'd say that with the majority of digital marketing platforms and programs, there is the degree of skepticism that has the ability to damage it's reputation. Not only that, but if you do not stay consistent with the daily work that is necessary to promote, then not making any money will give you the impression that it is a scam or that it simply does not work. I myself have suffered from that mentality in the past, so I understand it all the way. No one can make you do the actual work.

Below are the different membership levels that you pay one-time to start 25Dollar1Up.

Gold- $25 one time

Platinum- $100 one time

Diamond- $250 one time

Enterprise- $500 one time

Elite- $1000 one time

The higher the level, the more training and resources that you'll receive. Not only that, but you will receive a higher commission based on the level that you are on per referral. That's right, the online money making opportunity with 25Dollar1Up is the ability to make money on a daily basis, and unlimited. For everyone that you bring into the platform, you will receive a commission. As a gold member, if someone signs up with your link, then you will get paid the $25 that the new member pays. If they decide to join at the platinum level, then you will receive $25, and the remaining amount will be sent up to the next member in your upline that is already at the platinum level.

Check out my full video review here:

If you want to get started today, then click here to see the video presentation. See you on the other side!