10 Steps To Building Your Brand By Using Facebook That No One Is Talking About!

Below is a method that can be utilized that will bring attention to your business/brand if you follow these steps! Starting your own business is a task that requires time and consistency. If you are looking to use Facebook as a means of building your business, then try these out!

1. Create a new fb profile that isn’t your actual name or your profile photo.

2. Post content to your page that promotes the *industry* that you are apart of. <—-this adds value to your page.

3. Do NOT post about politics, controversial news, or current events. <—-this is not good for your business in the long run.

4. Go search and add yourself to fb groups that are involved in the industry that your business is in. Make sure the groups have at least 10k-20k+ members.

5. Start adding members from these groups to your fb page. <—-since your page has content about the industry that they are already interested in, then they are more likely to accept your request.

6. Grow your page to 5000 friends (this can be done in around 2-4 weeks). Once they start accepting your requests, this process gets easier because the ‘friends you may know’ will begin showing those with more and more mutual friends, and others will even begin to add you.

7. Engage in conversation with these people, and keep it business related.

8. Start promoting your business pages and website(s) to your timeline as a third party.

9. Now is the time to promote your business to your actual friends.

10. There is no set limit to how many different pages you should create. When you are promoting your business to multiple 5000+ friend populated pages, your reach is much longer. The key is to build a following for your business on a global level.

Click HERE to watch me explain this method!

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