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eCommerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds, over the internet.  These business transactions occur either as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer or consumer-to-businessMost of us engage in purchasing goods and services from businesses online.  We understand the process, but what about eCommerce from the business side?  How does it come together to be presented to the consumer or even to another business?


Ultimately you must have a product/service, a consumer base,

and a method in which you put your product/service in front of that

base.  The mechanics of eCommerce isn't necessarily difficult, it is the 

willingness to learn if you're new, and that will measure your learning

curve. From a business perspective, eCommerce is the global

economy at your disposal.  eCommerce can come in many different

forms: affiliate marketing, referral programs, drop shipping, trading

stocks, blogging, creating content, freelance work, and many others.


Having access to the global economy, there is enough space and opportunity to become successful in any form you choose to engage in.  All you have to do is take the next step.

e commerce site
e commerce site

With all of the options available at your disposal, it is important to do additional research to determine which best suits you.  YouTube is an excellent source of information to learn the "ins and outs" of eCommerce.  Through experience and observation, I've narrowed down the various forms of eCommerce to 4 options that show to be the most common to start an online business.   


It is important to note that while eCommerce is a great way to increase your income and gives you more time freedom, consistent work and dedication is what will really determine your success level.

Affiliate Marketing

Companies like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Clickbank, and MANY others, have an affiliate program that allows you to join absolutely free! By being an affiliate, you can sell the products/services that THEY offer and you get paid a commission.  You don't have to have your own inventory, you don't have to worry about customer service, you don't have to worry about branding because their names will sell the products themselves!

Sure, easier said than done, but once you learn the process to become successful, then the opportunities are endless.  Just like with anything you start that is new, there is a learning curve.  With affiliate marketing, there are certain key factors that you must understand in order to see actual results.

Drop Shipping

With drop shipping, you are essentially the middle person connecting the supplier (wholesaler) with the buyer (consumer). 


There are websites like Aliexpress.com that sells all types of things thru manufacturers for extremely cheap (wholesale price). Literally thousands of items from electronics, to jewelry, to clothing, and much more. 


You can set up a free Aliexpress.com account and create a website (Shopify, 14 day free trial, then a cost after) in whatever type of niche you choose and can mark up the cost of the products in which you get to profit from the difference of cost. 


In drop shipping you do not have to worry about actually shipping the merchandise to the consumer. When they make an order from your site, you process the order and they will plug their shipping information in (on your site) where the products ship directly from the warehouse, or the manufacturers place of business, to the consumer. 

Oberlo- is a chrome browser plugin that connects Aliexpress.com directly to your Shopify store. When you click on the product(s) that you want, it automatically takes the product to Oberlo’s platform where you can set your prices, rename item descriptions, choose photos, etc... from there you click on another button and it pushes those products directly to your Shopify store.

Your main ‘job’ is to drive traffic to your store and to create a nice looking site. 


Blogging is when an individual covers a particular topic(s) to give their expertise, opinion, or just general information.  Many people who are involved with e-commerce also use Blogging as a means to drive traffic a product or service that they are offering.  Just think, whenever you want to look up information about something you may be interested in or even may be skeptical about, a search online more than likely will land you on a blog post about the item in question.  The reason why this is so effective in relation to e-commerce is because your traffic is targeted.  People are seeking out the information that you are providing and given that they benefit from your content, you will find yourself racking up sales.  Blogging isn't the quickest method to drive traffic, but it lends itself as a steady stream of traffic.  Make sure your blog stays updated to make your information more relevant, and shows up on top of the search engine searches.

Trading Stocks

Trading stocks can be very risky, however, with the right training and dedication you can make this a supplemental income as well as a total job replacement income.  Many people partake in Forex (foreign exchange) and they day-trade.  Seeing people post $300+ daily income earnings is extremely motivating.  There are a variety of training platforms that from my knowledge cost a nominal fee to be taught how to trade, however, for the price (ranging from $200-$400), it appears to be well worth the investment when it is very common to make your investment back within a day or two once you get up and running.  I've also seen where you can practice trading with no money to get a feel about how the markets operate before you actually invest real dollars.

Produce Creative Content.

e commerce site

There is a market for practically anything that you can think of. Whether you are great at building websites, writing, graphic design, photography, etc.., there exists a demographic that will pay to learn what you may already do well.  When you own the content that you want to promote, you also shield yourself from depending on a program or system that has the possibility of shutting down.  This is not to say that promoting things that you did not create is a bad thing, but there always runs the risk of it not being available to you forever.  Your creative mind, skills, and abilities belong to you, so if you want to open up another avenue of an online business venture, then it would be a great benefit to promote your own creative content.  

Referral Programs

Referral programs basically pay you every time you recruit someone to join a particular offer.  This is a method utilized by companies to bring in more customers and it also gives them a great deal of free advertisement.  Not only is this an effective method to make money online, but it can literally be free to partake in.  Most of the times, all you have to do is share an assigned link, and once the individuals join the offer thru your link, the company will then pay you a referral bonus.  This is the perfect way to bring in extra income if you don't have any start up capital to invest in other online business endeavors.

"Build strong networks for exponential growth."

You can reach exponential growth by making sure your network has a far reach.  In the world of internet business, you may not necessarily know everyone personally in your network, however, that should not stop you from being a resource to each other.  If you know of someone that is great at marketing, and you may be great at creating content, then work together to cross promote each other.  Collaborating can create a strong business team and can also build up each other's business platforms.  There are no limits to the levels of success that each and every one of you can gain.

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