How To Get Started...

Choose Your Niche

Promote Your Affiliate Product(s)

Promoting your affiliate products is the process in which you bring traffic to your site. You can pay for traffic, or you can use free methods.


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Make sure your niche in affiliate marketing is one that you actually have a passion for and/or one that you will stick to. I suggest that you don't bounce around to different niches because you don't find that immediate success. Trial and error is needed with anything so that you may learn and make the proper adjustments.

Research Different Affiliate Programs and Products

Why is it important to research various affiliate programs?

Well aside from obvious reasons, like knowing what you are getting into, you want to compare the commission percentages, and the possible restrictions on how to promote.

Amazon for example, only allows for certain promotional photos to use on your website. They have specific logos that you can utilize if you decide to become an affiliate with them.


So far from what I've seen, the products on pays some of the highest commissions and they make it much easier to choose from the different industries if you may not already have a niche in mind.


Affiliate marketing is a win-win scenario as long as the affiliate partner (you) can be effective on your end. 

Build a Site

There are several website builders that allow you to build free sites that you can design and promote products on. I'd also recommend you creating a landing page to gather email addresses. A landing page or squeeze page, is a page that grabs the attention of potential buyers to take them to your offer(s). This is a method that I use. You want to gather email addresses to build your own customer base. Once you have a customer base, then you can send them offers, and also direct them to your website. Wix, Websitebuilder, WordPress, and Weebly are just a small fraction of free website platforms that allow you to build your site. They offer you templates that you can literally replace the examples with your own personal content, or of course you can custom build your site.

Imagine that you have a niche market and are marketing products/services to people that are also interested in that niche. When you send them offers, they may not buy right away, however, as long as they are subscribed to your list, then you can keep them updated on items that you know they take interest in. Remember, you are a consumer too, so realize how you don't purchase everything the first time it is offered to you as well.

Produce Excellent Content

This may come off as vague and a bit subjective, however, keep in mind that marketing techniques can most definitely be developed. Your content should always be informative, intriguing, and attractive to promote your affiliate marketing product/services.

The positioning of your content matters as well. Your content should always be targeted to your niche market, and in the language/vernacular of the respective industry.

The internet can be our best friend in business when we learn how to utilize the resources at our fingertips. Stay up to date with your niche to find out about new products/services and ride the waves of the new trends to position yourself ahead of curve!

Build An Audience

Building your audience is important because it literally gives you a customer base. As I mentioned before, your customer base may not purchase every item you put in front of them every time, however, since your audience should be part of your niche market, then there should always be a level of interest for them no matter what. Imagine an outlet mall or a shopping center, people who frequent the stores or the areas are part of that niche. They may not buy every time they enter a store, but sooner or later they will.